AMEX Benefits and Services (AMEX Benefits)

There are many benefits inherent to owning an American Express Card. The company has placed quite a bit of value on its customers and has therefore created many rewards and services. Most of these benefits are the types of protection customers get while shopping and while traveling.

American Express offers some very unique and valuable protections including coverage for the damage or theft of a purchased item, returns, and extended warranties. Traveling benefits include conveniences such as trip assistance, rental car coverage, and coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged luggage.

Worry Free Shopping

Imagine making a purchase of an item you love. Now, imagine having that item stolen shortly after you've made your purchase. One of the most beneficial services offered by American Express is the Protection When Shopping. This protects customers against accidental damage or theft on eligible purchases. American Express has an underwriting team that will determine if a purchase is eligible. The coverage maxes out per occurrence and also has a maximum annual benefit per account. It is also considered to be in excess of other sources of insurance.

If you've made purchases using your AMEX card and later decided they did not suit your needs, your Purchase Protection will help you with the return. Sometimes retailers won't allow returns and this is the reason American Express has added this feature. As long as the purchase was made within a certain time frame, American Express will refund your money up to a certain amount per item. This amount excludes any shipping or handling fees. There is a maximum annual coverage per account. In order to be eligible for this coverage, you must have a card that qualifies, and have used that card for the entire amount of the purchase. This benefit is also subject to underwritten approval at the time of request.

Many American Express cardholders also receive an extended warranty benefit. This benefit will double the original manufacturer's warranty, up to one additional year. If a purchase is made using an American Express card and the manufacturer's warranty is five years or less, your credit card will add another year of an extended warranty. If the original warranty is less than one year, the card will match that amount to effectively double your warranty period. However, customers will only receive the amount they charged on their AMEX card with a limit. There is also an annual maximum benefit per account. Again, this benefit is subject to being underwritten at the time of request.

Travel Benefits

Traveling comes with its own set of hassles. Happily, the folks at American Express have come up with a few benefits that can take away some of the frustration. One of these benefits is the Global Assist Hotline. When you're more than 100 miles away from home, you can call on these guys for medical, legal, financial, or other emergency help. They will help you find the services you need in English, which is a big bonus if you're outside of the country. They can also provide emergency cash assets if needed. Just keep in mind, if a third party is involved, you'll have to pay their services, but the Global Assist Hotline itself is free and also offers many free services.

When it comes to renting a car, the question always arises whether you need to purchase their insurance or not. If you use an eligible AMEX card to reserve the vehicle, you can decline the rental car coverage because American Express will provide insurance that covers theft or damage to most rental cars. The coverage applies to the first 30 days of a car rental.

American Express also offers Premium Baggage Protection on eligible cards. Your bags are covered from the time you leave the house until you return. This protection includes travel directly to and from the airport and during the time you are staying at a hotel as long as you book your flight with your AMEX card. The benefit includes up to a certain amount for damaged, lost, or stolen luggage and up to a smaller amount for necessary replacement items if your bag is delayed for 3 hours or more. This benefit can also be extended to additional card members and family members.


In conclusion, many American Express account holders enjoy valuable services and benefits. Customers are happy to have the worry removed from shopping with extended warranties, return options, and Purchase Protection on damaged or stolen purchases. They also enjoy the extra travel benefits of the Global Assist Hotline, rental car coverage, and Premium Baggage Protection.

Disclaimer: This content is not provided or commissioned by American Express. Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of American Express, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by American Express®.

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