Airport Lounge Access (MasterCard Benefits)

An airport lounge offers a comfortable and serene environment amidst the hustle and bustle of the airport crowd. If you are a frequent flyer, you can enjoy free drinks or snacks, and access your office via the Wi-Fi capabilities available at the airport.

For regular air travelers, an airport lounge offers a respite from the tiring journey and crackling crowds. Using the area before or after a flight is refreshing for the senses as you can relax in its quiet environment. You probably must be wondering on how to get access to an airport lounge? Read on to know how.

How to Access an Airport Lounge?

Access any airport lounge by obtaining membership of the frequent flyer program offered by your credit card company. You can also become a member of an airline club, or perhaps join priority pass if you fly occasionally. Each of the three options has its own benefits and cost attached.

Complimentary lounge passes and complete access to airline lounges are available for members of the frequent flyer program. Few airports allow an access to alliance lounges, available in conjunction with your credit card program policy. Inquire with your bank or financial institution about this program.

Joining an airline club requires a membership fee to their lounge program. American Airlines' Admirals Club program is a fine example of this option. You get complete access to the airlines lounge with free food, drinks, and internet among other programs.

For less frequent flyers, priority passes is an excellent choice. You can get regular access to over 500 lounges around the globe.

MasterCard and Airport Lounge Access

MasterCard cardholders can enjoy access to 450 VIP lounges in 75 countries across the globe with the Priority Pass Airport Lounge Access program. The program caters to both frequent and non-frequent flyers, whether they have a membership to a flyer program or not. Hence, all eligible card members enjoy the convenience of airport lounges mentioned in the program.

How does the priority pass works? Prior to travelling, you must check out the directory of available airport lounges worldwide on Once you educate yourself on the directory, it will be easier for you to enjoy complimentary refreshments and business facilities inclusive of Internet, conference, fax, and phone. Newspapers and televisions are among the other benefits. However, it is the sole discretion of each lounge to welcome the guests.

Facilities Offered at Airport Lounges

An airport lounge offers travelers a stress free wait before their flight. Let us examine the benefits offered by them.

The lounge is usually well equipped with spas, massage parlors, and gyms so you can sweat it out and rejuvenate your senses. Some of the most comfortable lounges on the globe include Zurich Swiss International Air Lines SWISS Business Lounge and Dubai Emirates Airlines Business Class Lounge. These facilities are equipped with Jacuzzis among other lavish services.

Usually entertainment at a typical lounge only includes newspapers and the Internet. However, a few of them provide video games, toys for children, and music as well. The Bristol International Airport Lounge conducts festivities like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

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