Ace Rewards Visa Card Opens Money Saving Opportunities

The Ace Rewards Visa card is a rewards card that does not have a lot of frills, but it does have a great deal of savings opportunities. As a cardholder and an Ace Loyalty Rewards Program member, cardholders can save money on all Ace Hardware purchases.

The Ace Rewards Visa Card is a highly competitive rewards card, giving Ace Hardware Loyalty Rewards members an additional way to get the most out of their rewards program. While the program already allows members to receive in-store savings when they use their membership card, the credit card links to the membership account so that they can work together to achieve maximum savings for cardholders on purchases through Ace Hardware stores.

Coupled with world class customer service, the card is a valuable one to have, as customer service is available 24/7 over the telephone, online, and through a mobile application. Through these three methods of managing the account, the balance, available credit, payment due date, and other details regarding the account can be checked. Payments can also be easily made through these methods. Also included are automatic bill pay and online banking so that multiple financial tasks can be managed in one place.


When applying for the card, it is important to have all basic information ready. This information includes contact information, social security number, and basic financial details. You can choose whether or not you wish to open an individual account or a joint account. If you wish to open a joint account, you will need the information for the other person.

If you are already an Ace Loyalty Rewards member, then you can enter your membership number when applying for the account online. Once that information is added and you agree to the terms and conditions, you can fill out and submit the application. You may receive the decisions immediately or you may be told that more time is needed. If so, you will most likely be informed of the decision via postal mail and your card will be received within 7 to 10 days after account approval. Once the card is received, you will be able to use it on all purchases.


The rewards are in the way of points. Points are awarded per dollar spent on purchases. The minimum amount of points is awarded on transactions that are not approved category transactions. U.S. Bank will approve categories that can earn more points per dollar spent. For instance, gas and grocery transactions earn more than convenience store transactions, just as Ace Hardware transactions earn more points per dollar than gas and grocery transactions. There are also times when certain category purchases earn even more.

Cardholders also receive quarterly bonuses, as well as a bonus when the account is open so that the cardholder has a point balance to build upon. If you refer a friend and they are approved for an account, then you receive bonus points for that as well. The referral has to be a legitimate referral as determined by U.S. Bank.

In addition to the point earnings, cardholders are entitled to bonus offers that save them even more money. These offers are subject to change as the card issuer deems appropriate. The card issuer also reserves the right to change point categories and other aspects of the point rewards system. Regardless, the points help save money on Ace Hardware transactions in addition to the instant savings that the loyalty program provides.

APR And Fees

There is no annual fee charged to the card, so the only cost to have it is the APR. The APR does vary from cardholder-to-cardholder, as it is based on creditworthiness and the Prime Rate. U.S. Bank establishes a range for the APR, which is a minimum APR and a maximum. The rate is very competitive at the low end and can be highly effective in saving money on balance transfers. When a balance is transferred from a higher interest card to this card, then the savings can be in the hundreds of dollars. It should be noted that balance transfers result in a balance transfer fee, which is a percentage of the transaction or a minimum dollar amount, whichever is greater.

On the high end of the APR, it is rather standard. The Balance APR is the same as the purchase APR, as the cash advance APR is typically higher than the purchase APR on the high end. The cash advance APR is also a set percentage regardless of creditworthiness and is charged per each transaction.

As for the types of cash advances, they include cash equivalent advances, convenience check cash advances, and ATM transactions in which the fee will be charged in addition to the ATM machine fee. All of these are charged as a minimum dollar amount or a percentage of the transaction, whichever is greater.

If traveling internationally with the card, it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. However, it does result in a foreign transaction fee. This fee is charged as a percentage of each foreign transaction. The exact percentage charged depends on whether the transaction was carried out in U.S. Dollars or a foreign currency. Foreign currencies result in a slightly higher fee.

Lastly, there are the penalty fees. The penalty fees are the late fee and the returned payment fee. Naturally, the late fee results when there is a payment that has been made late. The returned payment fee is charged to the account when the payment is not made due to insufficient funds either through electronic transaction or through check. If the returned payment causes a payment to be late, then the late fee will also be charged.


The Ace Rewards Visa Card gives cardholders the opportunity to save money on home improvement projects that are both big and small. Because of the savings that being a loyalty program member brings and the savings that are achieved by earning points from use of the credit card, the credit card nearly pays for itself.

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