Account Management Options (AMEX Benefits)

In today's busy world, companies are coming up with more conveniences for their customers. American Express has done exactly that by helping customers find easy payment options. They've also created other simple ways for their card holders to manage their accounts in whatever way suits the customer best.

American Express seems to understand the needs of their customers. Their customers can manage their accounts online if desired, set up automatic bill pay, have payment flexibility, find easy to read year end summaries, and simple ways to handle disputes.

Managing Accounts Online

With so many conveniences becoming available online, many customers are beginning to prefer the comfort of managing their credit card accounts online as well. This eliminates the need for a phone call or trying to meet the company's business hours. When given the opportunity to manage an account online, a customer can log in whenever it is convenient for him and review his statements, pay his bills, and much more. American Express has created a simple to use, secured online website for the purpose of managing accounts. The account information is always up to date, and payments are easily tracked using this system.

Automatic Bill Pay

Some customers prefer the convenience of setting up an automatic payment so they don't have to worry about it every month. It helps to ensure payments will be made timely and not forgotten. It also makes it easy to manage a personal budget when the customer knows exactly how much money will be paid out and when it will be sent. This recurring payment is easy to set up and even easier to use, since the customer can just forget about it until he wants to make a change to it.

Payment Flexibility

Everyone is different. American Express understands the uniqueness of each of their customers and has shown this by allowing payment flexibility. While some people prefer to pay online, many people would rather mail in a check. Some people like the ease and convenience of automatic bill payments, where others like to be more in control of physically making their payments every month. For this reason, they've offered many choices of paying bills.

American Express has also set up a plan for even more flexibility with payments. It is called the Select and Pay Later Plan. It allows you to choose a qualified charge and make payments over time. This service does not require enrollment and doesn't change any of the benefits or security of the American Express card. Customers can opt to select charges online for this plan, or they can simply place a phone call to AMEX customer service.

Year End Summary

At the end of the year, many people are busy making New Year's resolutions. Some involve saving more money over the next year. American Express has come up with a way to help customers see what they spent their money on over the year and to get their finances in order before the end of the year. This summary is available online and provides a few conveniences for customers.

Customers can view their card accounts and see details of the transactions over the year. This will help customers to categorize payments and determine where they can spend less over the next year. The system will also hep during tax time by making it a bit more convenient. It may even lessen the piles of paper that get strewn all across the desk or floor of the office during tax season. The summary can be downloaded to the customer's computer, so she can keep the record where she'll be able to easily refer to it.

Dispute Resolution

With identify theft on the rise, it's important for card holders to review their statements often. Everyone should take some time on a regular basis to match up charges listed on his statements to receipts. Analyzing a credit card statement can help the card holder quickly recognize any fraudulent charges, or amounts to which he did not agree. The sooner these items are found, the better the chances are of catching the culprit and minimizing damages done to the victim's credit report or pocketbook.

American Express provides customers with different options of viewing bills and managing accounts. This allows customers to find the option that works the best for them to review statements often. If the customer has a dispute, she should contact American Express immediately and report it. This will help the company to begin investigations quickly.

Using an American Express credit card has become so convenient. Aside from the convenience of using the card at the time of purchase and the rewards and benefits for doing so, customers can also enjoy a wide variety of account management options.

Disclaimer: This content is not provided or commissioned by American Express. Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of American Express, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by American Express®.

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