Ability to Return an Unwanted Item (AMEX Benefits)

Many people love to shop. And while we all try to do our best to research items before we commit to making a purchase, we've all experienced coming home with an item that didn't meet our expectations. At times like this, we're thankful for a store policy that allows for full refunds. But, what do we do when they don't?

Sometimes, an item doesn't work the way we thought it would, the quality isn't what we hoped, or we simply just don't like it after getting it home. When a store doesn't offer an extensive return policy, there's nothing you can do but feel stuck with your purchase. That is, unless you used an American Express Card on that purchase.

Who Benefits?

American Express is one of the few companies that offers such extensive protection on purchases. Many people are afraid to make certain purchases because they know the store won't allow for a refund if the product doesn't work the way they hope it will. Searching for customer reviews online can help with this dilemma, but sometimes, shoppers are still anxious about committing. You can commit with confidence when you use an American Express card that has Return Protection on it. These cards include Platinum, Gold, Green, and Starwood Preferred Guest cards. As long as you make your purchase using one of those cards you will qualify to apply for this benefit.

How It Works?

Return Protection allows customers to get their money back on designated products that were purchased using their American Express cards for 100% of the cost. If the customer is not satisfied with the product she should try to return it to the retailer within a set amount of days of the purchase date. If the store won't take the item back and provide a refund or store credit, American Express may be able to refund the entire amount of the purchase up to a certain amount per item. This refund amount will not cover shipping and handling, but does apply to online purchases as well as in store purchases. There is also a maximum benefit amount annually per account. The claim is subject to underwritten approval at the time of the request.

Important Points

Be sure to read through all the terms and conditions on this benefit as soon as you get your card. This will help you to become very familiar with what types of things are covered. It will also help you to have your claim successfully submitted if you understand the rules exactly. Knowing how the benefit works before you go shopping will save you the frustration of having your claim turned down. It's also important to make sure you understand the time limit, the fact that you must have charged the entire purchase on your eligible credit card, and that there are coverage limits.

Not many credit card providers offer such an extensive benefit for their customers. This benefit is one of many conveniences offered by American Express. It allows customers to shop with ease, knowing they can make returns on designated items within the time limit by using an eligible AMEX card.

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