24-7 Travel Assistance (Discover Benefits)

If traveling is your thing, how about a credit card that helps you to travel? Discover card offers 24/7 travel assistance to make your travels simpler, more efficient, and without headaches. It is like having your own travel agent everywhere you go to take care of your travel plans.

Make your vacation a truly exciting and exuberant time of meeting new people, learning new cultures, and snapping never before seen vistas on your camera. If you should run into trouble just call 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683) and let the friendly people at Discover handle it.

Make The Call Work For You

When you call the 24/7 travel assistance at Discover, you can access a wide range of travel benefits. Losing your baggage in a strange new country can be a disconcerting experience. One call to the travel assistance helpline and you can rest assured that they will stay in touch with the airlines and provide you with regular status updates until your luggage is found.

Need emergency funds wherever you are? Not only will the team at Discover help you find easily obtainable funds but also help you locate the nearest ATMs and the nearest financial service institution. They can even arrange to have cash wired to you directly or delivered while you are traveling.

More Benefits Of Making The Call

The Discover 24/7 travel assistance helpline can help you recover any important travel documents like your passport or any other identity documents. They can also direct you to the appropriate Consulate or Embassy before or during your trip to ensure everything is in order. The travel assistance team members can help replace or rebook your tickets in case of any emergency like lost or stolen tickets. Whatever you need, just make the call and watch how things fall into place. If that is not enough, the Discover card team will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your safety.

Your Safety First

Traveling across the country for vacation or business can be quite a positive experience. In some cases however it is possible that one might inadvertently get caught in some legal matter. In such a case, calling the 24/7 travel assistance can be a wise choice. You can get legal referrals to lawyers and other legal service providers and whenever possible you will be provided with at least two referrals. They will also follow up with you to ensure that the service rendered was satisfactory and if not, you will be provided with additional referrals.

If there is a political evacuation declared by the United States government, the team can help arrange for repatriation if you are in that country. If the situation turns hostile or dangerous, the team will use all the resources available to maintain contact with you and ensure that you remain contactable until the emergency is over or evacuation can be arranged.

There Is More To Be Discovered

From referring you to local authorities and police stations in case of any trouble to ensuring that your dependents / traveling companion can return safely in case you are unable to complete travel - the 24/7 travel assistance helpline can help you in a variety of situations. There is always more to discover with your Discover card!

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