Gettington Credit Provides Quick Approval

The Gettington Credit Shopping Card provides you with an instant response and great features. For all of the items you purchase on, this card allows you to pay at your convenience. There's a number of perks to the card that's much better than other store cards.

Using a store charge means not having to pay for the purchases right away. Shopping at encompasses many categories. There's fitness, baby, electronics, jewelry, home goods and much more. Whatever you buy, there's an easy way to pay for all of your items so that you decide how quickly you want to pay off the budget. There's an option that's right for you no matter what your budget is.

Using the Gettington Credit Card is Easy

After you've made all of your purchases on, it's necessary to pay for your items. You can use various credit card, your debit card or even apply for the store card. The application is available online and takes just minutes to complete. You can also call a toll free number to speak to a representative in order to complete the application. The response for your application will be received virtually instantly, providing you with a way to pay for your purchase.

Once you've been approved for the card, you can start charging to it right away. You will have a grace period of at least 24 days, which means that you won't get a bill for your purchases until at least that long. Further, you will be able to bill your entire purchase to the card.

When you make a purchase to the card, you will choose a fast option or an easy option to pay for the item. This will determine what your non-variable APR is and how long you have to pay for the item. You can then start making monthly payments and pay off the total value of your purchases quicker than many other store cards allow you.

You also get online account management with the card. This is the easiest way to find out real-time information about your card. Log on to learn your balance, previous purchases, pay your bill and contact customer service with any questions you have about the account.

Gettington Credit Makes Purchases More Affordable

Many cards charge an annual fee, various other fees and variable APRs. Gettington is different because it provides you with such features as:

  • No annual fee
  • No over-limit fees
  • Non-variable APR
  • 2 Ways to Pay for Items

There's no annual fee on the account, keeping the card affordable. You only pay for your purchase and the interest charge. With no annual fee, you always know what your balance is. There are many other cards with a fee, so this one allows you to enjoy the benefits of the card without spending as much money.

No over-limit fees are ever charged to the account. If you see a great deal on the website, you can purchase the item without worrying about what your limit is. There are no over-limit fees, so you just pay for what you bought without wasting money on hidden account fees.

There is non-variable APRs attached to the account. Many credit cards have variable APRs, which means that it could go up at a moment's notice. The APR that you are charged is dependent upon the option that you choose for how you will pay for your purchases.

Two options allow you to determine how much your items will cost after you factor in interest charges. A fast option allows you to get a lower APR and break down the payments over four installments. After making the four payments plus the low APR, your purchase will be paid off so that you can then begin shopping for more items. There is also an easy option that allows you more flexibility with your budget. This will allow you to spread payments out over as long as 24 months. The APR is slightly higher, but your monthly payments will be lower to accommodate any budget.

Final Word

When you enjoy shopping at Gettington, the Gettington Credit Shopping Card makes it easier to make purchases. The application is available online and provides you with a number of perks. You can be approved within minutes so that you can start charging right away.